2022 Grassfed Exchange Tours

Tour Agenda - coming soon!

Grazing at Scale Tour 


Grazing at Scale Tour:  This tour will feature the Birdwell and Clark Ranch.  At over 14,000, the ranch encompasses native tallgrass prairies, river bottoms, brushy draws managed under a holistic framework.  Participants will experience a ‘one-herd’ management system where several thousand cattle moving and grazing as a single unit across the ranch will provide a lasting impression.  Tour features will include:  large herd management,  water and fence systems management, forage diversity, soil health, and lunch at the ranch.  

Location:  near Henrietta, TX roughly 100 miles (1.5 hrs.) northwest of DFW.  Maximum participants:  100.

To learn more about the ranch click here https://www.birdwellandclarkranch.com/ .

Conservation and Multispecies Grazing Tour


Conservation and Multispecies Grazing Tour:  This tour will feature the Dixon Water Foundation’s Ranch and Josey Pavillion.  At nearly 2,000 acres, the Leo and Pittman ranch units and the Josey Pavilion offer visitors a unique view of conservation-driven management, featuring restoration of farmland to prairie.  The tour will feature grassland restoration, multi-species grazing, guest speakers, and lunch at the Josey Pavilion, the first ‘living builiding’ in Texas.  Location:  near Decatur, TX roughly 65 miles (1 hrs.) north of DFW.  Maximum participants:  100.

To learn more about the ranch click here http://dixonwater.org/ranches/leo-and-pittman-units/

Grass Finishing and Marketing Tour


Grass Finishing and Marketing Tour:  This tour will feature Burgundy Pasture Beef.  The Burgundy model is built on finishing and marketing grassfed beef and other products from field to plate.  Participants will learn first-hand Burgundy’s approach to controlling the entire value chain.  Tour will include lunch at a store and restaurant located right on the ranch!! 

Location:  near Grandview, TX roughly 60 miles (1 hrs.) south of DFW.  Maximum participants:  100.

To learn more about the ranch click here https://www.burgundypasturebeef.com/

Science, Stewardship, and Grassfed Genetics Tour

Coffey Ranch


Stark Ranch


Science, Stewardship, and Grassfed Genetics Tour:  This two-stop tour will feature the Noble Research Institute’s Coffey Ranch and the Stark Ranch:   The first stop will be the 2,600 acre Coffey Ranch with a focus on rangeland and wildlife research, science, and land stewardship tools like grazing and prescribed fire.  The second leg of the tour will feature lunch and a visit to the nearby Stark Ranch’s red angus operation with a focus on grassfed genetics, and stewardship of native rangeland with grazing and prescribed fire. 

Location:  Coffey Ranch is near Ardmore, OK roughly 100 miles (1.5 hrs.) north of DFW.  Stark Ranch is near Gainesville, TX roughly 60 miles ( 1 hr.) north of DFW.  Maximum participants:  100.

To learn more about the Coffey Ranch click here https://www.noble.org/blog/love-co-research-ranches/

To learn more about the Stark Ranch click here http://starkranch.com/index.html

Land Restoration, Stacked Enterprises, and Innovation Tour

77 Ranch


Rosewood Ranches


Land Restoration, Stacked Enterprises, and Innovation Tour.  This two-stop tour will feature the 77 Ranch and the Rosewood Ranches’ Ennis Ranch :  The first stop will be the 1,900 acre 77 Ranch where management of native southern tallgrass and recovery prairies will be featured while managing with a strong conservation ethic.  The second leg of the tour will include a lunch and tour of the Rosewood Ranches’ Ennis Ranch with a focus on rangeland stewardship, land reclamation, wetland and grassland restoration, on-ranch finishing, and ‘conception to plate’ marketing of Wagyu beef.  Both ranches will also feature innovative enterprises such as crayfish production, hunting, and fishing enterprises.

Location:  77 Ranch is near Blooming Grove , TX roughly 80 miles ( 1.5 hr.) south of DFW.  Rosewood Ranch is near Ennis, TX roughly 65 miles (1 hr.) south of DFW.  Maximum participants:  100.

To learn more about the 77 Ranch click here https://sandcountyfoundation.org/our-work/leopold-conservation-award-program/gary-sue-price-77-ranch

To learn more about the Rosewood Ranches click here https://www.rosewoodbeef.com/

Fun in Fort Worth!!!!  


The Grassfed Exchange wants to provide attendees with a quality experience.  Fun in Fort Worth is intended to provide an alternative to all-day tours for those who might be arriving mid-day on Wednesday the 27th or to those not interested in all day tours.  The Fun in Fort Worth option will include a bus that will leave the Hilton every hour, starting at 9 am (9am, 10am, 11am, NOON, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm).  The bus will make stops at several Dallas/Ft Worth attractions, including the historic Stockyards and other area attractions that include food, shopping, museums, etc.  The last bus will leave the Hilton at 3 PM to make the circuit and pick up our patrons.  DON’T MISS THIS BUS or you are on your own!!!!!

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