Grassfed Exchange Award Nominations

Please join us in celebrating pioneers, mentors, rising stars, innovation, and excellence in production, marketing, and service.

Awards for Grassfed Exchange 2023

The Terry Gompert Pioneer Award

This award honors a courageous trailblazer known for jump-starting the grassfed industry. The Pioneer is someone who has been a leader in the growing stages of the industry. This is the most elite award the Grassfed Exchange Board bestows on an industry colleague.

Rising Star Award

This award recognizes up and coming leaders in the grass-fed industry, who through exemplary courage and effort, demonstrate success in advancing the business, practice, science or policy of regenerative grassland agriculture or pastured proteins.

Innovative Producer of the Year

This award honors an innovative producer of grassfed food or fiber products. This award recognizes a grass-roots producer that has employed innovative techniques, improved animal genetics or has become an expert in the art of grass-based production systems.

Marketer of the Year

This award honors an individual or company that has been a leader in enhancing the volume and quality of pasture-produced food and fiber products moving into the marketplace. This award seeks to identify any entity, whether distributor, marketer, or retailer, that has invested in the grassfed industry and seeks to increase overall accessibility to the consumer.

Environmental Stewardship

This award recognizes a producer or marketer that has demonstrated remarkable leadership and a track record of dedicated environmental stewardship in regenerative grassland agriculture.

Seedstock Producer of the Year

This award recognizes a grass-roots producer that has a profoundly positive impact on pasture-based livestock genetics that have produced a demonstrated benefit to the pastured protein community.

The Grassfed Exchange Service Award

Thank you for your tireless & exemplary service and dedication to the Grassfed Exchange and expanding the regenerative grassland agriculture industry and community.

Science & Education

This award recognizes outstanding vision and achievement in science and education of regenerative grassland agriculture for the benefit of other scientists, educators, policy makers, and practitioners.

Mentor of The Year

This award recognizes the unwavering and selfless commitment to sharing knowledge and wisdom with the next generation of practitioners in regenerative grassland agriculture.

Community Impact

This award recognizes the purposeful, long-term and large-scale positive impact on the regenerative grassland agriculture community through the patient and persistent sharing of vision, wisdom, time, and resources.

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