About The Grass-fed Exchange

We are a volunteer, non-profit organization of regenerative ranchers and grass-fed industry supporters. It is our desire to provide a means of education and exchange of grass-fed genetics between producers. With quite a few conferences behind us that have been well received, we continue to promote the grass-fed industry and grass-fed genetics through education and display. We hope you will join us at our upcoming conference.

Our Mission Statement

We believe that regenerative grassland agriculture can create a sunlight-powered future filled with healthy and prosperous families, thriving communities, deep topsoil, clean and abundant water and vigorous biodiversity. Our mission is to empower ranchers, farmers, communities, and governments to create this future with purpose, grace, and speed across watersheds and continents by:

  • Catalyzing exchange of knowledge, ideas, strategies, livestock genetics, products and services that expand the grass-fed industry's transformative impact.
  • Connecting ranching generations to learn together and manage succession.
  • Promoting widespread use of monitoring to provide feedback to land managers, communities and the world at large.

Meet The Committee

  • Pete Bauman
    Pete Bauman
  • Chad Bitler
    Chad Bitler
  • Todd Churchhill
    Todd Churchhill
  • Jonathan Cobb
    Jonathan Cobb
  • Russ Conser
    Russ Conser
  • Maggie Gentert
    Maggie Gentert
  • Shane Hardy
    Shane Hardy
  • Nicole Masters
    Nicole Masters
  • Joe Morris
    Joe Morris
  • Wayne Rasmussen
    Wayne Rasmussen

Advisory Council

Deborah Clark - Birdwell & Clark

Ron Bolze - Nebraska Grazing Lands Coalition

Sarah Gleason - Savory Institute

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