April 3 - 5, 2019 Santa Rosa, California

The Grassfed Exchange

Regeneration Rising
The conference for regenerative producers and sustainable food supporters.

What The Grassfed Exchange Is About

The Grassfed Exchange Conference is a gathering of regenerative ranchers, dairymen, and sustainable food supporters from across the world who come together to network and exchange ideas. We desire to help producers and consumers grow in the knowledge of the grassfed industry.

Who Should Attend

Regenerative Producers

Our mission is to help producers understand the possibility of managing and finishing cattle correctly on grass and to produce the best quality beef and dairy products possible that also ensures consistency of quality within the industry.

  • Learn how to produce the highest quality beef and dairy products using 100% grass-based production models.
  • Learn how to employ regenerative production practices that can rapidly improve your soil’s health and organic matter.
  • Learn from experienced producers on how to implement stacked enterprises and direct marketing models to create value-added profit centers on your farm.
  • Hear directly from authors, food bloggers, and top chefs that represent an entire movement of consumers that value regenerative food production practices.
Sustainable Food Supporters

We desire to educate consumers on the health benefits of grassfed beef, not only as it pertains to our own health, but also on the positive impact grassfed beef production has on the health of our planet.

  • Learn how human health is rooted in soil, plant, and animal health.
  • Tour local farms and see first-hand how they produce nourishing, pasture-based foods.
  • Take advantage of the unique opportunity to network with other families who want access to healthy foods.
  • Enjoy a farm-to-fork banquet dinner prepared by local chefs.


The 2013 Grassfed Exchange conference in Bismarck, ND was the best and most informative beef cattle industry meeting that I have ever attended.

Bill Helming Founder of CattleFax

The most interesting and thought-provoking grazing conference I’ve attended in many years.

Joel McNair Editor, Graze magazine

2006 in my opinion was the tipping point in the grass-fed beef industry.

Pioneers Terry Gompert, extension rangeland specialist in Nebraska, and NE Nebraska rancher Wayne Rasmussen began discussing the need for a producer organization to bring collective energy and knowledge together annually to sharpen soil health, grazing management, genetics and marketing skill sets.

Under the leadership of Gompert and Rasmussen the organization took root and has succeeded in bringing the original goals into clear focus with increasing enthusiasm year after year.

John Wood CEO US Wellness Meats

The Grassfed Exchange is the leading educational arm of the grass-fedindustry. If you affiliate yourself with pasture-based agriculture and are not involved with this conference, you are missing out. World renowned speakers, in-depth farm tours, networking for farmers and students and the Herd Scholarship Program make this the regenerative agriculture not-miss event of the year.

Jason Rowntree Associate Professor, Animal Science Michigan State University

The Grass Fed Exchange has been one of the most informative and pivotal conferences available to producers and consumers over the past 8 years. This conference is never afraid to tackle the tough topics and to bring cutting edge ideas and technologies to the forefront. The combination of unique farm tours and educational seminars is unequaled.

Allen Williams Grass Fed Insights, LLC - President and Grass Fed Beef Rancher - Mississippi.

The grassfed exchange hosted a field day at our farm this spring. It was attended by over 200 great producers and other interested industry advocates. The visit was the best event of this kind that we have ever hosted. The grassfed exchange does a wonderful job promoting producer education.

Will Harris Founder of White Oak Pastures - Bluffton, GA

The Grassfed Exchange is leading the way in showing how regenerative agriculture not only can but will heal both our planet and ourselves.

Gabe Brown Regenerative Rancher - Bismarck, ND

Over the past 8 years the Grassfed Exchange has done more to shape the trajectory of our operation than any other event in this industry. Each year we leave this conference better equipped and inspired to take our farm to new levels.

Blaine Hitzfield Seven Sons Farms - Roanoke, IN.

The Grassfed Exchange Conference and Tour is by far the conference to go to if you can only go to one….that said, it really is many conferences in one with the diversity of topics, speakers and attendees. What I find most genuine and authentic about the conference is the attitude of sharing amongst not only the presenters and tour hosts, but the entire roster of attendees. Whether it is a panel discussion on grassfed production techniques or a one-on-one conversation about family over a great lunch, there is so much to gain and so much opportunity to give under the energetic yet humble atmosphere of the Grassfed Exchange.

Joshua Dukart Rancher. Holistic Management Educator. Consultant - Bismarck, ND

My engagement with the Grassfed Exchange has changed my life. I strongly encourage all who want to contribute to real and immediate regeneration of their land, communities and economies to engage with the Grassfed Exchange.

Abe Collins Principal, Collins Grazing and Cofounder, LandStream

After we attended the Grassfed Exchange conference, we cleaned out our cupboards and began eating more intentionally. The information presented and the newfound community gave us a renewed sense of motivation and direction to regenerate the land that we are stewarding.

Maggie Gentert

The Grassfed Exchange was an amazing learning experience. I learned about raising livestock in a humane, restorative way that ensures an outcome for quality meats and products.

Shea Velez-Westphal Cedar Rapids

It was a bit overwhelming to see so many people share their hopes, dreams and struggles. The Grassfed Exchange delivers a message of hope and optimism to farmers of diverse agriculture backgrounds, who are working and often struggling daily, to figure out how to improve and regenerate their land, animals and lives.

Connie Carneyt Maxwell

Diversity is king. Diversity in plant species, diversity in livestock species and diversity with animal impact. You shouldn’t do the same things in the same location all the time.

Bruce Carney Maxwell

Farmers are transitioning from input-intensive systems to systems that are more self-renewing,” Fred said during his session. “In the process, they are bringing the soil back to life, which dramatically reduces the need for inputs, and makes farms profitable again..

Dr. Fred Kirschenman Ames

When we’re standing on soil, we’re standing on a rooftop to another world.

Dr. Christine Jones

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