Here's what folks are saying about the Grassfed Exchange

"GFE is the promise for sustainable beef production. A strong community of progressive producers will lead the way." - R.T. Pescadero, CA

"GFE gives hope to the industry!  Giving voice to all!" - Pam Howard

"No better place to get informed and inspired to grow for a health-conscious market." - Jim Draper. Sheffield, Illinois

"Had a wonderful time.  Excellent speakers.  Wonderful networking. Learned so much.  Thank you." - Evelyn Washburn

"Amazingly generous, helpful, and gracious people!  Look forward to working with you in the future." - Kristin, NE

"Fresh thinking, new ideas, new friends." - Tom V. CT

"This is too good not to share. We need to bring our neighbors next year." - Jim Draper.  Sheffield, Illinois

"GFE is the heartbeat of the deep topsoil movement." - Abe Collins, Vermont

"This is my community, even though we live far apart, I get “run down” talking to skeptics.  Come here to get recharged!" - W.C. Minnesota

"Inspired by so many great people working hard to save landscapes, build soil, raise healthy food and love the land." - Wendy

"I love meeting people with passion and inspiration to make the world a better place." - Greg H. Boston

"Great speakers.  Great conference." - Jeremy Engh, Lakota Ranch, Remington, VA

"Great speakers.  Great people.  Great fuel for learning." - Ken and Bonnie Miller, Ft Rice, ND

"It has literally changed the trajectory of my life.  Living now with intention and purpose.  Cannot thank you guys enough." - Arlen Gentert. NV

"GFE has been instrumental to our farm in making positive changes.  It has made me want to reach higher for the good of others and our operation." - J.  Minnesota

"I am inspired by the awesome knowledge I am getting way more than I expected!" - Maureen Sullivan, NY

"The GFE has connected me to so many inspiring experts who are visionaries and revolutionaries.  Together we are a powerful force for positive change in American agriculture!  I love the GFE!" - Maggie O’Quinn. Alabama

"This has been a once in a lifetime experience." - Lewis Fox. NY

"The GFE has inspired our family to steward our land and livestock in such a way that is all encompassing of our goals, beliefs, and convictions." - Kate.  MI

"In my humble opinion, the event this year was over the top. It was so inspiring to be in the same rooms as so many like-minded people. We came from all over the country and globe but face the same challenges. However, we share a similar drive and are determined to spread the principals of regenerative agriculture far and wide." - Johnny Wood. Missouri

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