Say No To FOMO!

By Jason Rowntree
Aug 8, 2017

Are you ready? The 2017 New York Grassfed Exchange: Regenerate our Future is upon us. Our board has worked endlessly to secure well over $100,000 in cash and food donations; double the support of any conference in our past. We have top-flight farm tours scheduled, a Thursday program oriented to the nexus of food production, land regeneration and social wellbeing, followed Friday by an amazing series of breakout sessions focusing on the “how to” of grass-fed including beef, dairy, stacked enterprising and much more. Our board didn’t just identify a few people, we are bringing you the best.  Thus far our registrants span 24 states, 3 Canadian Provinces, the UK, New South Wales Australia and New Zealand. Did I mention the food? Chipped Roast Beef over an open fire by Chef Jeremy Stanton, grass-fed dairy, pastured pork and poultry and fresh local vegetables and fruits will be the cuisine of the day. 

People. Each year our attendees most enjoy the friendships, networking and did I mention the Herd Scholars? 30 of our nations’ up and coming young folks and military service are being sponsored to participate. There is no doubt this is the conference to attend.  The conference is a time to not only learn, but reconnect with those who share the same passion for grass-fed meats, Mother Earth and our health. For me I most enjoy the interaction with young and the not so young. The aspect of seeing our young people having the opportunity to network with the leaders of our industry is edifying.  Importantly, you can do this at the backdrop of the wonderful Desmond Albany Hotel and Conference Center. 

FOMO.  I have a soon-to-be 16-year-old. FOMO or “fear of missing out” is a common term now in our home lingo.  My purpose today is to make certain if you are not registered for the 2017 New York Grassfed Exchange you have severe FOMO.  So much that you get on the phone, go to our website or send us an email today and get registered. Speaking for our wonderful board of directors and advisors, you will not be disappointed.  

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