Paleo diet an opportunity for beef producers

February 6, 2013

Beef producers need to be aware of a relatively new ‘caveman’ diet, which is already popular in the US and is likely to gain momentum in the UK. This was the message from Julia Glotz, the fresh foods editor at the Grocer magazine, who explained to delegates the Paleo or caveman diet, which involves eating whole, natural, unprocessed foods, could present beef producers with opportunities to tap into a new market. However, she added the industry needed to be prepared to answer some questions on the regime, which has meat, fish, and poultry at its core.“It means no processed foods, no grains, no legumes, no sugar, and only a little dairy’” said Ms. Glotz. “Followers of this diet will often say ‘if it comes in a packet or has a list of ingredients don’t eat it’.”Trend awarenessShe said the UK media were beginning to pick up on this trend and the people who follow this regime are ‘enthusiastic’ about what beef farmers are doing.“These are people who love your products and are prepared to invest in good quality food. Originating Article:  FARMERS GUARDIAN

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