Announcing 2016 Grassfed Exchange

Apr 12, 2016

We are pleased to announce the winners of a new scholarship program for young farmers and ranchers to attend the 2016 Grassfed Exchange conference on April 27-29, 2016 in Perry, Georgia.

Due to a generous grant from the folks at “The Herd” - Cienega Capital, TomKat Foundation, Armonia, and the 11th Hour Project – we were able to grant a total of 30 scholarships to young daughters, sons, veterans and interns from 16 different US states and 1 Canadian province to attend the 2016 conference.


The Winners are:

Full Ride

•Lacey Barker (Waynoka, OK) - Daughter
•Sam Bass (Paden, OK) - Veteran
•Liz Cunningham (Jordan Valley, OR) - Daughter
•Sean Cunningham (Jordan Valley, OR) - Son
•James Doyle (Piedmont, SD) - Son
•Kevin Fray (Carlotta, CA) - Veteran
•Christina Giordani (Hailey, ID) - Intern
•Michelle Katuna (Palcines, CA) - Intern
•JC McDonald (Wilcox, AZ) - Son
•Kate Rasmussen (Bozeman, MT) - Daughter
•Jennifer Spaans (Belding, MI) - Daughter
•Kate Spaans (Belding, MI) - Daughter
•Ryan Sullivan (Manitowoc, WI) - Veteran
•Katelyn Tainsh (Saskatoon, SK) - Daughter

Tuition Only

•Dennis Atiyeh (Ithaca, NY) – Son
•Jesse Beiler (Narvon, PA) – Intern
•Sara Bronkema (Holland, MI) – Daughter
•Melissa Clark (Oklahoma City, OK) – Intern
•Jonny De Jong (Slocomb, AL) – Son
•Austin Effling (Britton, SD) – Son
•Loren Fisk (Cavour, SD) – Son
•Ty Hughston (McBain, MI) – Son
•Cathryn Jennings (The Plains, VA) - Daughter
•Christopher Jennings (The Plains, VA) – Son
•Nicole Jennings (The Plains, VA) – Daughter
•Jon Lee (Coon Valley, WI) – Veteran
•Jodie Oldham (Spokane, WA) – Intern
•Kyle Runkle (Lambertville, NJ) – Son
•Paige Stanley (Lansing, MI) – Intern
•Kyle Welc

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