7 Questions with Judith Schwartz

Jul 28, 2017

1. What do you see as the potential impact of regenerative grassland agriculture? 

"The potential impact is as vast as the grasslands themselves, which account for between 30 and 40 percent of our earth’s surface (excluding Greenland and Antarctica). Can you imagine if all that land were on a path to being restored?"

2. What do you believe are the big strategies and behaviors required to move us toward this?

"What’s needed is actually a small shift: for us to understand that functioning ecosystems have greater inherent value than the products we may derive from them."

3. What brought you to this point? Was there a defining beliefs or experience that sparked a change?

"Living in a rural area it became clear to me that every local purchase matters. I think that simple observation led me to question how our economy is organized--and its lack of connection to the natural world."

4. Where or to whom do you look for guidance and inspiration?

"Those who do work they believe in without overthinking or letting themselves get distracted or sidetracked. Beyond that, my husband and son are always great reality checks."

5. What is an important lesson you learned from a mistake?

"That the line between a mistake and a success isn’t always so clear. Sometimes what seems to be a mistake, like feeling like I’m wasting time researching an obscure concept, actually leads to something productive. This has helped me trust my own instincts." 

6. What do you think is the most important first step someone in your field can take to move in the right direction?

"Stay curious and reach out. There is a growing number of organizations focused on soil health and ecological restoration, and I’ve found that people in the realm of regenerative agriculture are happy to share what they’ve learned."

7. What will be the # 1 take home message from people listening to you speak? 

"That there are multiple ways to work with natural processes to restore the world’s ecosystems. And that it’s all a matter of how we think about our environmental and economic challenges."

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