GFE 2016 - Doug Peterson "4 Must Know Techniques for Managing Fescue"

Aug 23, 2016

While there may not be a sliver bullet when it comes to finishing grass-fed cattle on Fescue, Grazing Specialist Doug Peterson offers 4 very important management tools and techniques that you will won’t want be without.

In this presentation Doug Peterson sheds helpful insights on many of the challenges and questions graziers encounter when managing cattle on Fescue:

  • Can stock density be used to avoid Fescue favoritism?
  • Is it possible to dilute Fescue stands with grazing management alone?
  • What is the trick for incorporating annuals in your perennial Fescue pastures? 
  • How does soil fertility affect your ability to manage Fescue?

Get answers for these questions and more in this week’s featured Grassfed Exchange Presentation.

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