GFE 2014 - Abe’s Alchemy: How to grow fat from air and water using bugs and dirt

Nov 15, 2016

Those of you who know Abe Collins, know that he is a real-world, practicing, scientific and technological wizard of the grasslands.  Although sometimes it sounds like he’s casting magic spells talking about “phosphates" and “exudates,” in this talk he weaves a story of what he’s learned about managing his pastures for simultaneous growth of the livestock below and above the ground.  

Watch this presentation to learn about:

  • How it is possible to grow soil 10,000 times faster than nature (or at least compared to what the text books think)
  • The relative roles of litter and root sap in growing soil organic matter and thus even more grass
  • When is the best time of day to turn your herd into new pasture to maximize average daily gains
  • How nutrient availability impacts how much water your plants need
  • And why Abe has a soft spot in his heart for chicory

So grab some popcorn and watch the wizard reveal his secrets!  Enjoy.

Review by Russ Conser

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