Paul & Phyllis Van Amburg

Paul and Phyllis Van Amburgh co-manage dharma Lea grass-fed dairy and beef farm in Sharon Springs, NY. Pioneers in grass-fed dairy, the Van Amburghs began raising grass-fed dairy cows in 2003.  They have built a 100% grass-fed production model that creates wealth for farmers and a high plain of nutrition for grass-fed food and exceeds any current standards for animal welfare.

Dharma Lea, was the first farm to ship 100% grass-fed milk to Maple Hill Creamery once Tim and Laura Joseph’s farm could no longer keep up with demand for their yogurt. Paul acts as Chief Grazing Officer for Maple Hill Creamery, and handles new milk procurement and all questions regarding the production model.  Phyllis provides consultation for the Creamery’s farmers on production, profitability, grazing, animal health issues, and Managing Holistically.

Phyllis and Paul’s experience and education bring out their forte of health-centered management for the cows and pastures.

Their quest to bring success to as many fellow farmers they can has brought them to partner with the Savory Institute. Dharma Lea, LLC is one of the Institute’s worldwide Hubs, with their dairy farm as the Hub Learning site.

Phyllis and Paul have written dozens of articles on grass-fed production and grazing for periodicals and online sources. 

And most importantly, they are extremely proud of their five home-schooled children who all play a very active role in dharma Lea.  Grace (16) helps with farm management, record keeping, milking and calf rearing, and manages her own flock of 200 organic laying hens.  Vincent (14) does a good share of the equipment maintenance and repair, grazing, milking, and barn feeding/chores, Maggy (10) and Oliver (8) help any chance they get with all of it, and Ruby (6) loves the cows. The Van Amburghs have created a place where the excitement and learning about good food, nutrition, stewardship and restorative agriculture are what they do every day, together.

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Paul & Phyllis Van Amburg

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