Moritz Epsy

Moritz Espy grew up on the family cattle ranch in Forsyth, Montana.  He graduated with a BS in Natural Resource and Ranch Management from National American University in Rapid City.  In 2005, he wandered to South Dakota country and started chasing buffalo for fun. Little did he know it would turn into a passion and career as the 777 ranch manager.His dream job is working with Mimi and the crew, applying Holistic Management practices on day-to-day operations, and accomplishing the long term goals of the ranch.Moritz has seen the benefits of Holistic Management on the land, the buffalo, wildlife, and people. This drives him to continuously strive for improvement.  He sleeps sound at night knowing he spent his day living the dream. Moritz likes black coffee, white candles, fast horses, and slow grooves. 

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Moritz Epsy

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