Larry Prager

I hold an Animal Science degree from the University of Wyoming.  I have been involved with wool marketing in Belle Fourche since 1978, and have been the CEO of Center of the Nation Wool, Inc. since 1993.

Center of the Nation Wool, Inc. was incorporated in 1984 by a small group of regional sheepmen who were interested in being part of a locally owned wool marketing business.  Today their original investment includes the original warehouse and headquarters in Belle Fourche, SD as well as a second warehouse in Billings, MT.  The Company markets between 4.5-5 million pounds of raw wool annually from about 1500 regional producers.  

     Belle Fourche wools are known far and wide because of their superior quality.  The native grasslands and fine wool genetics of our region combine to produce bright white fleeces, superior length and strength, and some of the highest yields in the US.  Our producers take pride to be sure each fleece is properly classed and baled at shearing time.  Each spring, textile processers look forward to the new clip from Belle Fourche when some of the best lots available will come to market.         

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Larry Prager

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