Johnny Wood

Johnny Wood grew up actively involved in a managed intensive grazing program producing grass-fed & finished beef in Northeast Missouri.  He received a degree in Ag Economics from the University of Missouri- Columbia, and worked for Bartlett Grain and Seis Cattle Co before moving back to Northeast Missouri, where he returned to the family farm.  At this time he became more engaged in the management of a bi-annual forage crop harvest, mob grazing various types of forages and of course, meat goat production. 

The meat goat herd has grown and evolved over the last three years.  The focus has shifted to low-maintenance Kiko goats managed in an intensive grazing program.  The goats are grazing on free to very cheap land as brush control and land renovation, which leads to established pasture in most cases.  A regimented production system has allowed for improved genetics and a greater focus to now be placed on marketing of the kid crop as a whole. 

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Johnny Wood

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