Jerry Doan

Jerry and his wife Renae operate Black Leg Ranch along with their sons Jeremy, Jay, and Jayce Doan. Their daughter Shanda is also involved.

The ranch was homesteaded in 1882 by Jerry’s Great Grandfather in what was then Dakota Territory.
They use Holistic Management to operate their ranch regenerating the natural resources and allowing wildlife to flourish. They have made huge strides in improving the soil health of their cropland and native rangeland while improving the bottom line and quality of life for their family. 
They operate Rolling Plains Adventures, a full service, hunting operation and Black Leg Events, an Agri-Tourism operation on the ranch. These ventures have allowed them to spread a positive message about agriculture to thousands of consumers.
The ranch is a living classroom for many soil health and grazing tours as well as University students and others wanting to learn from across the globe.
Jerry is currently Vice chairman of the N.D. Grazing land Coalition and a mentor. He is also Governor appointed and Vice Chairman of the N.D. Natural Resources Trust board.
He has been awarded the Burleigh County Soil Health Award, the N.D. NRCS Award, the N.D. Inaugural Leopold Award, and the National Environmental Stewardship Award from NCBA. Jerry has also been awarded as one of the top 100 producers in the nation by Farm Credit Services, The Harvest Bowl Agri- Business Award by N.D.S.U., and was awarded the National Outstanding Young Farmer Award. He has been very active in Ag groups and has lobbied both on a state and national level as a strong advocate for Agriculture.

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Jerry Doan

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