Jasmine Dillon

Jasmine Dillon is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Animal Science at Penn State University. The questions that keep her up at night revolve around food systems, agroecology, and the intersection of the social, environmental, and economic aspects of sustainability. Prior to studying at Penn State, Jasmine completed a B.S. in Animal Science and an M.S. in Animal Breeding at Texas A&M University. In 2013, she attended both the Global Food Security Symposium and the Beef Sustainability Conference, which opened her eyes to the need for holistic assessments of the sustainability of our nation’s food supply. Her combined interests in grazing systems and food security culminated in the focus of her current dissertation research on multiple sustainability indicators for grassfed beef production systems across the U.S. Her project focuses on quantifying the impacts of different climates and management strategies on various measures of the sustainability of grassfed beef. Jasmine hopes to use the quantitative and systems thinking skills she is developing to improve the sustainability and resilience of our food systems.

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Jasmine Dillon

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