Ethan Kelly

Though Ethan Kelly didn't have a family background in agriculture (growing up in suburban Orlando), thanks to his family's interest in sustainably raised food, there was an opportunity for him to start an apprenticeship with a small dairy, beef and hog farmer in Northern Florida at the age of fifteen.

From there he went on to spend a year and half working first as a intern and later as an apprentice, at Polyface Farms in Virginia.

In 2011, he went to work for Glenn Elzinga at Alderspring Ranch. After marrying one of Glenn's daughters in 2014, he and his wife headed to Australia to gain new farming experience.

For over a year, they worked alongside sustainable farmers in Australia and New Zealand who produced everything from wool to grass fed beef, lamb and pastured pork.

Using systems he and his wife learned in Australia, Ethan decided to start his own pastured pork business and market through Alderspring Ranch.

Though it is only in its third year, the business is already profitable, thanks to minimal startup costs and scale-able efficiency.

Though Ethan and Abby still have a lot to learn, they are optimistic about the future of the business and positive effect pigs can have on the land when properly managed.  

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Ethan Kelly

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