Dr. Cynthia Daley

Cynthia Daley is a Professor within the College of Agriculture at California State University Chico where she supervises and directs the Organic Dairy Program (ODP) for the College of Agriculture, a program she founded in 2006. The program provides education and training in organic pasture management and livestock production practices to students and farmers through courses, workshops, field days and conferences.  In 2016, Daley co-created the Regenerative Agriculture Initiative (RAI), together with an interdisciplinary team of faculty and farmers who promote farming practices that build soil, conserve water and sequester carbon from the atmosphere. www.csuchico.edu/regenerativeagricutlure. Daley's research interests focus on the impacts of regenerative farming practices (including NT, cover crops, compost, and AMP grazing) on nutrient density and soil quality. 

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Dr. Cynthia Daley

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