David & Mariah Boatright

David and Mariah Boatright are restoration agriculturalists. Their farm mission statement is to restore the health and vitality of the land and to nourish the families who eat of its bounty. To accomplish this they utilize high density, multispecies grazing (cattle, sheep, goats, and chickens) across 460 acres of rolling Missouri hills. But, they have come a long way. When they graduated high school, their goal was to make a living in agriculture. With little to invest in a farm enterprise and simultaneously paying their way through school, they learned to get creative. They began managing farms for a real estate company, custom grazing cattle, and putting their savings into a small herd of 30 hair sheep. Today, David and Mariah both work full time on the farm grazing cattle for their landlords, managing their flock of 400 hair sheep, several hundred laying hens and meat chickens while operating Fed From The Farm, an online metropolitan buying club serving central Missouri. They are currently working towards transitioning back to the family farm as they raise their growing family.  

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David & Mariah Boatright

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