Daniel Suárez

Cattle Rancher at El Yaqui Ranch, Chiapas, Southern México.

El Yaqui is owned by the Suárez family since 1972 and Daniel is in charge since 2003. In 2010 after a extreme heavy rainy season and a highly vicious and inefficient productive system, the ranch went broke and the brothers (Enrique, Gabriel and Daniel) decided to search for a efficient and low cost production system, and they found it, a proposal of mimicking nature and stimulating biotic cycles, under the name of Voisin Rational Grazing.

Since then, Daniel has been actively studying, observing, adjusting the grazing methods and the genetics required to achieve their main objective, the maximum sustainable profit per hectare.

The biggest changes since Rational Grazing was implemented have been an amazing increase in biodiversity, from plants to birds and everything in the middle, healthier cattle, easier work, increased stocking rate (10x), less use of external inputs. In general, a more profitable and enjoyable business.

Daniel found his passions in Regenerative Ranching and in sharing/educating people on it. He has talked in Honduras, Ecuador, Colombia, Costa Rica and México to ranchers and students, reaching more people and helping them to change their ranching paradigmes to new ones aligned with natural processes and promoting new objectives into those ranchers, mainly to improve their ecosystems and produce high quality food.

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Daniel Suárez

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