Brian Alexander

Brian Alexander manages the Alexander ranch in Barber County, located in South Central Kansas. 

From an early age he was exposed to the principles of holistic management and the Ranching for Profit curriculum. As a child and young man he helped his father develop the 7000 acre ranch, turning it from what his father termed “an overgrazed, underwatered cedar forest.” into a lush planned grazing system with 3 cells and over 60 paddocks encompassing several running creeks and plenty of pumped water for livestock. 

Growing up on the Ranch Brian was exposed to prescribed burning at a young age and has been dragging a drip torch around the Red Hills of Kansas for more than 30 years. 
After graduating High School, Brian enlisted in the Navy, serving as a Naval engineer.  During his 8 and a half years of service he never turned down any firefighting training knowing it would come in handy later in life. At his second and final sea command he was assigned to to the Damage Control Training Team, helping train the following generation of sailors.

Since returning to the ranch in 2006 Brian progressively took over management of different portions of the ranch. In 2008, a controlled burn being conducted by a neighbor got loose and a stripe right up the middle of the ranch, totaling about 55% of the acreage, two weeks before cattle were scheduled to arrive. The lessons learned that year and when another small fire came through in 2014 were invaluable when the massive Anderson Creek Wildfire consumed the entire ranch on the 23rd of March 2016. 

In 2008 after seeing a presentation on burn associations in Texas Brian and a group of neighbors founded what would grow into the Kansas Prescribed Burn Association, the state wide 501(c)3 that helps coordinate and found new burning associations. Brian also served as the steering committee chairman to organize and then chairman of the Kansas Prescribed Fire Council after the council was formed for two years. 

When he isn't killing trees, moving cattle or putting fire on things, he likes finding new places to get his Jeep stuck, watching the local minor league hockey team, and some light blacksmithing.  He also enjoys espousing the benefits of soil health based regenerative agriculture to anyone that will sit still long enough to listen.

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Brian Alexander

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