Ariel Greenwood

Co-Owner/OperatorGrass Nomads LLC

Grazier, Triangle P Cattle Company 

Motivated by a desire to do tangible work, Ariel began farming as a sixteen year old in her bioregion of rural Piedmont North Carolina, and has since worked in contexts ranging from urban, corporate, and college campus gardens, small farms and ranches, orchards, and nature preserves. 

After many years spent growing vegetables, her interest in the interconnectedness of livestock, ecology, psychology, and livestock pulled her out of the garden and into the prairie. She spent 4 1/2 years raising livestock and producing grassfed beef in California, and in 2018 relocated to New Mexico to work with Triangle P Cattle Company and start Grass Nomads LLC with her partner Sam Ryerson. As Grass Nomads, they manage cattle seasonally on rangeland in the Southwest and Montana. 

When not fixing fence, moving cattle, and updating grazing plans, Ariel spends her time investing in her partnership, reading and writing about ecology and psychology, training her animals, improving her stockmanship, and trying to grow the grassfed movement to benefit all life. 

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Ariel Greenwood

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