Abe Collins

Abe Collins is a cattle grazier on Cimarron Farm in St. Albans, Vermont, and a student of the lessons offered by soil, grass and cattle.  He has milked cows, currently finishes beef cattle, and spends much of his time learning from other producers and working on decision-support tools for graziers, farmers and allies.

Abe works on developing the ideas and practice of grazing and agricultural management for topsoil formation, and connecting rural providers and urban beneficiaries of the environmental services that come from topsoil.

Abe is the founder of New Soil Quantum, which works to network and combine land managers’ know-how with environmental monitoring, modeling and decision-support tools.

Why I am involved with the Grassfed Exchange: 

I’m honored to work with the Grassfed Exchange.  GFE is working to accelerate learning and success in the grassfed industry.  I admire the focus on harnessing the innovations of practical producers, and recognize that the speakers and growing network represent the cutting edge of working with soil, grass and livestock to grow high quality food, improve soils, and realize positive results in terms of quality of life and profit for families on the land.

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Abe Collins

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