• Jul 30, 2015
    A cool thing about warm season grasses

    In an earlier blog post, I told a story about how cattle eating grass pumps carbon back into the ground using the same biological processes that put it there.  Today, I...

  • Jul 13, 2015
    Flint on Crops: Soil Health Is the Hope of the Future

    Here is a university scientist who really understands that soil is the foundation for regenerative agriculture. Dr. Flint provides an excellent summary regarding the urgency to get control over our...

  • Jun 1, 2015
    Hormone Use in Beef Cattle May Create Environmental Exposure

    A recent study conducted by scientists at Indiana University, the University of Iowa, and the University of Washington, purports that there are long term environmental effects related to the use...

  • May 11, 2015
    Change Is In The Air!

    This past winter I had the opportunity to travel to 22 states and 2 Canadian Provinces and visit with over 13,500 individuals who were interested in regenerative agriculture. The majority of these individuals...

  • May 1, 2015
    Major Food Trends for 2015

    The Institute of Food Technologists recently published the results of their Top Food Trends for 2015 study. The results were published in the April 2015 edition of Food Technology magazine. Major findings...

  • Apr 23, 2015
    Year Round Grazing is the Holy Grail

    JOHN WOOD FARMP.O. Box 9Monticello, MO 6345(660) 341-27894-22-2015Year around grazing is the holy grail for dedicated grass farmers in the USA.  Living in the upper Mississippi River V...

  • Apr 14, 2015
    Surprise: Flavor Drives Nutrition

    Mark Schatzker, one of our featured speakers at the upcoming 2015 Grass Fed Exchange Conference, recently published an editorial piece in the Wall Street Journal titled “How Flavor Drives Nutrition”. Mark is a...

  • Mar 16, 2015
    Consumers Want Real Foods

    Allen R. Williams, Ph.D. A recent article in Nation’s Restaurant News by Nancy Kruse emphasized that consumers are continuing the trend of demanding “real” foods. Nancy stated that consum...

  • Mar 16, 2015
    Interest in Soil Health Growing

    Allen R. Williams, Ph.D.I just returned from a two week tour of the Upper Midwest and am both amazed and encouraged at the rapidly growing interest in soil...

  • Mar 11, 2015
    McDonald's Changing Antibiotic Use Standards

    McDonald’s Wants to Start Sourcing Proteins That Have Not Been Treated with Human AntibioticsMcDonald’s recently announced that it will no longer sell chicken treated with antibiotics that are also...

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