Conference Location (Thursday & Friday)

Sonoma County Fairgrounds

1350 Bennett Valley Rd, Santa Rosa, CA 95404

Phone(707) 545-4200



Flamingo Conference Resort & Spa

2777 Fourth Street, Santa Rosa, California  95405

To Book Your Room Call the Flamingo at (707) 545-8530 and reference the group: Grassfed Exchange Conference.  

The Sandman Hotel

3421 Cleveland Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95403

Phone 707.293.2100 Fax 707.544.8710

Here is the booking link: Sandman Booking Link

Booking instructions:  

We look forward to welcoming you to stay with us at the Sandman Hotel during the Grassfed Exchange Expo this April 2019.  We have created special rates for you to book with us directly from April 2nd through April 5th, 2019. Please click here to make your reservation with us online.  These special conference rates are based on availability until March 4, 2019.  Please call the hotel directly at 707-293-2100 if you are unable to make your reservation online or have any questions.  Refer to promo code GRASS19 to make your reservation within the group block over the phone. 


San Francisco Airport

Highway 101, San Francisco, CA 94128

Sacramento International Airport

6900 Airport Blvd., Sacramento, CA 95837   

Santa Rosa Airport

2200 Airport Boulevard, Santa Rosa, CA 95403


Sonoma County Airport Express



Helpful information:

  • SFO airport is 30 minutes south of San Francisco
  • Santa Rosa is 1.5 hours further north of San Francisco, in Sonoma County
  • The Sonoma Fairgrounds (conference location) is a 10min drive from the Flamingo Hotel
  • Uber and Lyft are ubiquitous in the Bay Area and Sonoma County.  The easiest and quickest way to get around in San Francisco, where parking can be difficult. It is very easy to call a ride on these apps. In SF, you might wait 1-3 minutes for a ride. At SFO airport, and Sonoma County, you might wait 5-10 minutes. 

Option 1: Rent a car - most flexibility for getting around
-It's 1-1.5 hrs from SF to Santa Rosa depending on traffic. Looks like has plenty of options from $32-37/day.
-A car gives you maximum flexibility in getting around between the Fairgrounds and the hotel. It's a lovely 30 min drive to the beach up California coastline on the Pacific Highway 1. You can even drive up from SF to Santa Rosa along the coast. There are plenty of great stops on the drive up to Sonoma for meals and sightseeing (stop at a winery!).
-Street parking in SF is tightly regulated, so make sure your hotel offers parking, or simply get the car the day you go up to Santa Rosa. 

Option 2: Use ride-sharing apps - most convenient
-You will be able to catch a car from the airport to anywhere in SF. The airport is a 25-30 min ride from SF and will cost ~$20 for shared ride, $30 for exclusive ride. 
-In Santa Rosa, the Fairgrounds and the Flamingo hotel is 10 mins apart, so it'll cost <$10/ride
-From SF to Santa Rosa, a Lyft ride is $89 each way.

Option 3: Airport shuttle - cheapest but takes more time

-There is an $38 airport shuttle from SFO to the Sonoma Fairgrounds. This is the cheapest option, but it takes 1.5 hours and leaves on the hour. Once you get there, you will need to take another Uber/Lyft for <$10 from the Fairgrounds to the Flamingo hotel. 
-If you are already in San Francisco, I'd recommend getting a Lyft or Uber directly up to Santa Rosa. For the small cost difference, you save a 3 hour hassle of going from SF back to the airport, then waiting for a long shuttle to Santa Rosa, then a ride to the hotel. 

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