Wayne Rasmussen

I am a all natural grassfed cow calf producer and finisher from Nebraska. 80% of the cattle that we sell into the grassfed market are born and raised on our ranch. It was in 1992 that I became interested in rotational grazing and Grass fed beef production This was the beginning of how I would think about the land and how I would try to take care of it for the rest of my life. We try to use Holistic management tools in the way we take care of the land we have been given to steward. 

I have always believed the best system to use would be one where we would be able to take a product we raise or produce from conception to the dinner plate. However this makes it hard for one to be really good at every area that is needed to make this work. This is one of the reasons that I have a strong belief that I do not need to know all the answers. I just need to know people who do. I have always felt I need to keep learning and sharing what I have learned.

In 2009 while I was laying in a hospital bed with a broken neck I came up with the idea that there was a need for grassfed producers to be able to meet together and share what they were learning. I went to my mentor Terry Gompert and asked him if he would help me put together a conference where we brought grassfed producers from around the country together to share what they were learning. That was the beginning of the Grassfed Exchange of which I was chairmen for the first 8 conferences. I have been blessed with a great committee to help me continue to share new ideas with other grass fed producers from around the US, Canada and Mexico.

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Wayne Rasmussen Grass Finisher & Rancher, NE

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