Jonathan Cobb

Jonathan Cobb is a fourth generation steward of his family’s land in the Blackland Prairie of central Texas. After five years row crop farming with his father, Jonathan nearly left the farm because he didn’t see a future under that model. Thankfully, God intervened. Jonathan listened to a podcast “Can Faith Be Green?” by Dr. Timothy Keller that helped change the lens through which he viewed creation. Also, through exposure to Holistic Management and soil health principles, he had hope for the first time that a different way was possible. He learned that it was possible to farm in accordance with his values as a Christian, that God had designed nature to work, and that they could grow the kind of nutrient-dense food his family had been looking for after going through their own health and nutrition journey. Jonathan and his wife, Kaylyn, both believe this is their calling and ministry, and they are passionate about being a part of regenerating creation and nourishing their community with the abundance of the land.

Jonathan, his sister, and their spouses started Green Fields Farm in 2013 and currently provide grass-fed & finished beef and lamb, pastured pork, and pastured eggs from their family farm in central Texas. He also provides soil health consulting for other farmers and ranchers, and he works with Green Cover Seed to provide custom cover crop mixes as a tool to help others regenerate the life in their soils.

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Jonathan Cobb

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