Ben Simmons

Ben’s life journey has gone full circle back to the farm that his Dad purchased while he was in high school. During high school Ben took 4-years of ag classes and was active in Future Farmers of America. However, after school he left the farm  and enlisted in the USAF.
Ben started college classes and eventually transitioned his military career to the reserves while attending The University of Southern Mississippi where he completed a degree in Marketing Management. 
A few years after graduation, Ben attended Officer Candidate School and was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the MS Air National Guard and retired from there in 2015 as a Colonel.
Ben’s business career included purchasing management positions with numerous companies in Mississippi, Alabama, and North Carolina. During this time he completed requirements for Certified Purchasing Management which opened up numerous opportunities for international travel. 
In 2009 Ben returned to his farm roots. Initial operations were based on conventional cow/calf sales following information derived from mainstream publications that focused on tillage, NPK, monoculture, hay, and killing weeds. Results were a downward spiral in soil health and farm profits.
Then, Ben heard about the Stockman Grass Farmer and Polyface Farms in 2011. Together with his wife Beth, they visited Joel’s operation July 2011.
In 2012 Mr. John Wood, US Wellness Meats, introduced Ben to The Grassfed Exchange and encouraged him to attend the Bismark, ND conference that year. This completely changed his focus from conventional to “Mimic Nature” and provided him tools, resources, and most importantly mentors.
Today, Nature’s Gourmet Farm is a regenerative ecosystem, stacked multi-species, direct marketing operation that serves the needs of local health conscious families.

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Ben Simmons

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