Grass Fed Beef Delivery

Dec 10, 2015
A fledgling company, ButcherBox, has just launched a new grass fed beef delivery service that will allow consumers to place orders online and receive delivery of grass fed beef items direct to the doorstep. The company raised the funds needed to launch a full website through the social media fundraiser “Kickstarter”. They were able to raise more than $240,000 to get things started.

According to Mike Salguero, Founder of ButcherBox, the intent is to make grass fed beef “conveniently accessible to consumers across the nation”. He states that “only 1% of total beef produced in the United States is 100% grass fed and farms that produce 100% grass fed beef lack the resources necessary to advertise and distribute their beef”.

Mr. Salguero is not quite correct in his grass fed beef market share estimates as total market share in the U.S. for grass fed beef now totals about 7%. However, this is a combination of both domestically produced product and imported product. In 2015, there were about 225,000 head of grass fed beef harvested in the U.S. with a retail value exceeding $550 million. Another $2 billion+ of grass fed beef was imported into the U.S. from Australia, New Zealand, and South America. There are also numerous E-Commerce websites that allow consumers to purchase grass fed beef for direct home delivery. These include websites for individual farmers and ranchers to websites for branded programs that purchase grass finished cattle from individual producers and offer pre-portioned items on their sites.

ButcherBox offers monthly subscription services so the customers can order “kits” that contain various cuts of “specially curated” grass fed beef. The kits are shipped monthly for a subscription price of $129 per month.

This company can easily be confused with The Butcher Box, another monthly subscription company offering a variety of specialty meat items on a monthly basis.

The ButcherBox website ( ) does not provide information on where they source their grass fed beef. No farmers are featured on the site and discussion of grass fed beef and it’s benefits are rather generic. The site also does not provide information on the quality grade of the beef products (degree of finish), nor what specific items are provided in the “kit”. It would be nice, as a consumer, to be provided with much more detail on the farms, farm families, processing, and quality and consistency of their products.

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