Feb 2, 2018


Amplify- to make larger, greater or stronger. Amplify is the theme of the 2018 Grassfed Exchange scheduled for June 20-22 in Rapid City, South Dakota. This is the tenth iteration of the Grassfed Exchange and as a board, we are excited to be headed back to Plains where the genesis of this movement began. 

Our Mission: We believe that regenerative grassland agriculture can create a sunlight-powered future filled with healthy and prosperous families, thriving communities, deep topsoil, clean and abundant water and vigorous biodiversity. Our mission is to empower ranchers, farmers, communities, and governments to create this future with purpose, grace and speed across watersheds and continents by:
   • Catalyzing exchange of knowledge, ideas, strategies, livestock genetics, products and services that expand            the grassfed industry's transformative impact.
   • Connecting ranching generations to learn together and manage succession.
   • Promoting widespread use of monitoring to provide feedback to land managers, communities and the world at       large.
The Brand: Hopefully you have noticed our new logo. Our goal is to illustrate our reliance on sunlight and water and its need to fuel the production of food and fiber on a global basis. The deep roots not only depict the regenerative nature of our approach, but our investment and hope for prosperous families and rural communities on a global basis. 
The Agenda: Rapid City is centric to the Bison industry and one goal is to highlight this growing force in pasture-based proteins. We have some special tours lined up to see these Bison ranches in action, but also with land-stewardship award winning beef ranchers as well. For speakers, we have confirmed New York Times Bestseller Nina Teicholz; Soil Biologist Dr. Christine Jones; writer, biologist and rancher Dan O’Brien, award winning ecologist Dr. Jonathan Lundgren among many others.  
The Crowd: We are so thankful for our sponsors and tradeshow. Our supporters are the who’s who in grassfed and we expect another awesome collection of vendors and others to be on showcase in 2018. Last year we enjoyed 500 participants from 30+ states, England, Europe, New Zealand, Australia, 3 Canadian Provinces just to name a few. Each year our scope broadens and diversity increases. Emphasizing youth and our military, our friends at the HERD have graciously agreed to renew the HERD Scholars Program to provide financial aid for 25 attendees.  I believe the HERD scholarship infusion of youth and service into our conference is becoming our lifeblood. In fact we have one session that will highlight what our scholars and other younger folk are doing in agriculture. 
Conference Information: Please mark your calendar for June 20-22nd, 2018 in Rapid City South Dakota. Registration information will be available at our website, Don’t miss the “Can’t-Miss” Grassfed event of the year. 

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