7 Questions with Jonathan Lundgren

Apr 13, 2018

1. What do you see as the potential impact of regenerative grassland agriculture within the next 10 years?   

Regenerative agriculture has the potential to solve planetary scale problems (climate change, pollution, biodiversity loss, human health problems), while strengthening the farm and rural communities.

2. What do you believe are the biggest opportunities for regenerative ranchers moving forward?

I think that the future of regenerative ranching will involve adaptive multipaddock grazing systems that involve multiple species in a single herd. This stacking of enterprises makes economic and ecological sense.

3. What brought you to this point? Was there a defining beliefs or experience that sparked a change?

I had always known instinctually that we could raise food without the costly agrichemical inputs, but I was surrounded by scientists and practitioners that said there was no other way. It wasn’t until I sat at a table in Salina Kansas with some crazy farmers named Gabe Brown and Gail Fuller that I realized that farmers were accomplishing what science said couldn’t be done. I realized that I needed to take a different route with my career if we were going to change agriculture.

4. Where or to whom do you look for guidance and inspiration?

The farmers and the ranchers that are bravely challenging preconceived notions about how a successful farm should look or behave inspire me. How can we advance without folks that are willing to take a risk and explore new opportunities?

5. What is an important lesson you learned from a mistake?

Question why you make certain decisions in your life. Honestly answer what your motivations are. If they are sound in taking a certain course, then don’t give up.
6. What do you think is the most important first step someone in your field can take to move in the right direction?

See question 5.
7. What will be the # 1 take home message from people listening to you speak? 

Agriculture is at a cross roads right now, and the decisions of farmers and ranchers will strongly influence the health and safety of our planet and the next generations. 

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