2017 GFE Press Release

Jun 23, 2017

For Immediate Release

DON’T MISS the 2017 Grassfed Exchange Conference, September 27-29 in Albany, New York.

The Grassfed Exchange invites you to participate in this year’s seminal event on grassfed meat and dairy. This three-day event will feature a variety of engaging and educational seminars, panel discussions and farm tours for producers and consumers alike. This is a unique opportunity to network with innovative producers, leading researchers, and experts from across the supply chain.  It is a chance to learn about topics central to grassfed production including soil health, animal genetics, grazing management, marketing and more. 

Farm Tours:
o Dharma Lea Dairy – Grassfed dairy and Maple Hill Dairy cooperator
o Black Queen Angus Farm – Premier Angus genetics breeder and grassfed beef, sheep, and goat producer

Featured Seminars Include:
o Returning Pollinators & Beneficial Insects to our Farm Landscape, by world renowned entomologist and pollinator expert, Jonathan Lundgren
o Building Your Farm From the Soil Up, Ray Archuleta
o On – Farm Dairy Processing & Direct Marketing, Francis Thicke
o Nose to Tail: How to Use All of the Carcass, with Jeremy Stanton, craft butcher and operator of Fire Roasted Catering
o Registered dietician Diana Rodgers’ talk on how: Kale can’t save us, but maybe cows can
o Plus -- Workshop Sessions that address the ins and outs of soil health, grassfed beef, grass-based dairy, multi-species production, marketing, and more, all taught by the nation's best experts and practitioners.

The Grassfed Exchange is the grassfed industry leader in organizing and sharing top-shelf information about grassfed production, soil health and environmental quality. Joel McNair, Editor of Graze Magazine has labeled this event as “the most interesting and thought-provoking grazing conference I’ve attended in many years.” Leading producer Gabe Brown, has said that “the Grassfed Exchange is leading the way in showing how regenerative agriculture not only can, but will heal both our planet and ourselves.” 

For more information and registration please visit www.grassfedexchange.com or contact Kathy Richburg at info@grassfedexchange.com or 256-996-3142

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